Norton School of Lymphatic Therapy
"I felt well prepared before attending the live part of the seminar for what I was going to learn. The instructors were top notch and spent good one-on-one time with all of us; making sure we were using the best techniques. My patients are thrilled the knowledge I am able to share with them in their chronic disease management."
- Anna

"Great teachers and great teaching method."
- Diana

"The intense prep work prior to attending the actual course made all the difference. Having the whole class starting at the same point made the class work flow smoothly."
- Lew

"The staff was very knowledgeable and the subject matter presented in a way that all participants were able to understand."
- Jessica

"Professional and thorough program. Prepared to begin treatment immediately after completion."
- DK

"The instructors were very knowledgeable and friendly. Jenn showed compassion and caring when I had a moment of uncertainty and didn't think I could make it through the test. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone interested in Lymphedema!"
- Jennifer

"I have been a practicing PT for over 11 years, and this was undoubtedly the best ConEd course I have ever taken. The instruction was disseminated at a very high quality, and I felt very competent with the material the end of the course."
- Brian W.

"This class is worth every penny. I attended another certification class that seemed cheaper but it would require me to attend a total of 3 separate classes to be able to sit for LANA certification. I attended 2 classes but they kept cancelling the 3rd classes. Life happens and it became difficult for me to go to the 3rd installment. SO, one time I saw an application to win a scholarship to Norton. I won a 500 dollars scholarship and after thinking hard I decided to enroll. I am not sorry that I took the Norton School Certification. The instructors are knowledgeable and they really drilled the principle of CDT. I can say that I am more comfortable and I have more understanding of CDT."
- Loraine

"I felt like the whole course was great! The textbook is superior to others and the techniques for treating are better compared to Klose."
- Andrea

"Great experience. I learned so much! Everyone was helpful! Would recommend to others."
- JL Sharpe

"The course is not meant for those looking to obtain an easy certificate or CEUs. This was hard. It required dedication for at minimum 135 hours. It was intense. I left feeling overwhelmed with information. Now that it has been 3 weeks since completion, I feel like I have learned and understand lymphedema and CDT very well. The way the training is designed is that you will learn it if you put the work in and have a good knowledge of general anatomy and physiology. It was a fantastic experience and I do not say that lightly. It should be noted that not everyone in the class passed. In my mind that is a good thing, it shows that you are expected to know the information. I look forward to a successful career as a CLT."
- Matthew

"This class was excellent! It was very challenging, makes you think, but better yet- makes you apply! Very hands-on! Loved the course- small class size made it easy to ask questions and get feedback with practical applications. Would recommend this course to anybody interested in lymphedema eval/treatment techniques!"
- Brenna

"Excellent course! Content of information was well organized and allowed for multiple repetitions of learning as well as different modes. You have reading material from the textbook, and then the manual and the online lectures highlight all the important information from the textbook. I gave myself 3 months before the in-class start date to have enough study time because I worked fulltime. The instructors in classes were knowledgeable and able to provide real life examples to topics covered. The first portion of the in-class lectures were based on hands-on techniques and understanding concepts. The second portion was based on application and how to think through the process clinically. I was able to return to work and apply what I learned immediately, but I would still recommend refresher courses or continuing ed for those who are still new to lymphedema. I am planning to connect with the vendors who came to the course and cover my region to review products for my actual patients."
- SP

"To their credit this is not a show up and get certificate type CE. CDT was a tough course. I found the instructors to be very good. They offered a mix of lecture, anecdotal experiences and hands on learning. This is the best CE I have ever taken."
- Kelle

"Great Course!"
- Mack Evans

"It was an intense course that you need to work out but feel well prepared to use this in my practice. I loved the instructors!"
- Wendy

"The content was thorough. The information was condensed and intense for the amount of time we had for the class. The teachers were knowledgeable, informative and patient when answering our questions. I would highly recommend the Norton School for professionals seeking Certification in Lymphatic Therapy."
- Cynthia

"Great instructors and layout of information. Material/lecture followed up with hands on learning. Loved the way that we spent so much time on what we are doing as a CLT. Would recommend Norton to anyone who is interested in becoming lymphedema certified!"
- Amy

"Norton School of Lymphatic Therapy offered a tremendous learning experience. It offered a variety of learning styles to accommodate any type of learner. There was a ton of hands on experience and I learned more than I expected. It is a lot of work and intense during the time, but totally worth it in the end! My instructors were tough, but needed to be in order to get all the content in and make sure we got the outcomes we needed. Thank you for this experience!"
- Kelly

"Wonderful experience and learned so much! It was an intense week but so worth it! Both teachers were great and really helped us understand and learn not just to pass tests but so we can problem solve and apply in real clinical situations. Highly recommended!"
- Quincy