Norton School of Lymphatic Therapy
The Norton School of Lymphatic Therapy offers continuing education loans to allow all qualified candidates to pursue lymphedema certification. If you are seeking lymphedema therapy training to advance or change your career, our loan packages allow you to achieve those goals if professional or personal financial circumstances make the cost of training prohibitive. Continuing education loans from the Norton School have been designed specifically to help you finance your lymphedema certification.
Our continuing education loans offer competitive rates for borrowers. Our pricing is structured so you get the best possible borrowing terms based on your credit history. Our repayment terms are highly flexible, offering repayment periods ranging from 6 to 36 months. This flexibility allows you to keep your monthly payments low and affordable. You can also prepay your loan, either in full or in part, at any time to lower your total loan cost with no penalty.
To begin your continuing education loan application, please download our pre-approval form below. Please print this form, complete it along with your signature, and email, fax, or mail it to us. Once we receive it, we will begin processing your form immediately. Once you have been pre-approved, we will contact you to complete the remainder of your application. We look forward to seeing you in one of our upcoming courses!
Norton School Financial Aid Pre-Approval Form
You can also finance tuition with PayPal Credit: