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This online introductory course is offered for the professional seeking clear and concise information regarding current treatment methods for lymphedema and career opportunities within the field. Following this introduction to the "International Gold Standard" treatment method known as Complete Decongestive Therapy (CDT), students will be better prepared to assess the value of more comprehensive certification training with respect to their individual goals for professional advancement.

Lymphedema management requires complete and thorough training in the methods of Complete Decongestive Therapy (CDT). As a disease process lymphedema is the most difficult and challenging of the known edema conditions to remedy. Persons with lymphedema often present to healthcare professionals as medically complex due to concomitant conditions and disease histories. This course will provide an introduction to the following topics:

  •  anatomy, physiology, and pathology of lymphedema
  •  lymphedema as a disease condition
  •  classification and staging of lymphedema
  •  Complete Decongestive Therapy (CDT) comprised of its four components as a method of care delivery with efficacy studies to support standard outcomes
  •  indications and contraindications of MLD and CDT
  •  existing treatment methods other than CDT
  •  bandage theory for upper and lower extremities
  •  the theory of remedial lymphedema exercises
  •  the importance of hygienic skin and nail care for lymphedema
  •  considerations for home maintenance and self-treatment for lymphedema
  •  decision-making regarding care pathways for current patient populations
  •  the importance of seeking complete training

Introduction to Lymphedema Therapy for Healthcare Professionals

1.  Anatomy
2.  Physiology
3.  Manual Lymph Drainage Theory
4.  Compression Bandaging
5.  Compression Garments
6.  Diagnosis
7.  Therapy
Course Tuition: $300
Now $250 Until 7/31!
Continuing Education Hours: 15.5*

All sections are written and narrated by Steve Norton.

*Continuing Education Hours are approved through multiple state PTAs and the AOTA.

  Manual Lymph Drainage  

CERTIFICATION COURSE CREDIT: Students who successfully complete the introductory course can apply the entire REGULAR tuition of $300 toward any future Norton School Full CDT Certification Course.

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