Norton School of Lymphatic Therapy
This course has been prepared to guide the lymphedema therapist through the essential steps of multilayered short stretch compression bandaging application. This unique Norton School offering provides trained therapists with the invaluable opportunity to review these essential skills in a comprehensive visual format. The concepts underlying skillful application are extensively enriched by the video and audio instruction experience. They include: tensioning, molding, spacing, graduated layering, precision, positioning, and logical progression. This visual distance learning model provides a superior review as much of the skill set developed for lymphedema bandaging is derived from observation, palpation, and kinesthetic awareness. Each compression bandaging component is approached with a standard layering protocol based upon the performance properties of each material coupled with extensive clinical impression. "Lymphedema Bandaging: Video Practical Instruction" follows the basic principles of compression bandaging yet employs the use of advanced materials such as foam padding. The course serves to reinforce the correct use of such advanced materials while fostering further development of confidence in therapists of all training backgrounds. All techniques are visually demonstrated and explained by Steve Norton, CDT Clinical Instructor, CLT-LANA.
Upon completion of the course, the participant will be able to:
1.  Leg Bandaging without Foam
2.  Leg Bandaging with Foam
3.  Arm Bandaging without Foam
4.  Arm Bandaging with Foam
Course Tuition: $145
Continuing Education Hours: 3.5
All courses are written and demonstrated by Steve Norton.
*Continuing Education Hours are approved through the Florida Physical Therapy Association (FPTA).
PLEASE NOTE: The Lymphedema Bandaging course is for Certified Lymphedema Therapists only. You will need to complete the CLT Verification form on the next page before proceeding to course registration. Students completing the course will receive a Lymphedema Bandaging Certificate of Completion from the Norton School. However, you will need to send us a copy of your original Complete Decongestive Therapy Certificate in order to receive your new Lymphedema Bandaging Certificate. You can email your original CDT Certificate to or fax it to (866) 681-5349.