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As demand for evidence-based medicine continues to drive research, the field of lymphology is constantly gaining increasing amounts of scientific support. Identification of genes responsible for primary dysplasias of lymphatic tissue have cast exciting new light on the future direction of patient care.

As clinicians we must remain constantly informed of the evolution and progression of the science that guides our professional decisions. With the field of lymphedema becoming increasingly complex and interwoven with a number of medical disciplines, the quest for an ever-deepening knowledge-base is naturally demanded.

The Norton School of Lymphatic Therapy understands this very important requirement for Advanced Topics Courses and has developed its curriculum according to the realistic interests and demands of the active lymphedema specialist.

As Executive Director, Steve Norton has successfully assembled the finest faculty in the field. Each of our faculty members brings a unique and extensive skill-set and perspective, which imbue the school with a balanced viewpoint representative of various professional backgrounds including physical therapy, occupational therapy, nursing, physiatry, cancer rehabilitation, pain and palliative care, and vascular medicine. With such an extensive scope, our faculty of lymphedema experts can further expand the school's curricula to include topics such as:

Wound Care and Lymphedema • Orthopedics and Edema Management • Bandaging for Venous Edema • Staging and Diagnosis of Patients with Breast Cancer for the Clinician • Advanced Compression Bandaging • Head and Neck Lymphedema Treatment • Pediatric Lymphedema Treatment • Genital Lymphedema Treatment • Physician-Directed Differential Diagnosis • Theoretical Reviews • Technique Labs

Our course programming and faculty are the beneficiaries of the exceptional expertise of the Norton School's Medical Director, Andrea Cheville, MD. Dr. Cheville is known to many as the foremost physician mind in the field of lymphology within the United States. In a brief few years her limitless energy, intellect, and enthusiasm have opened doors which were previously sealed and has posed fascinating questions that have never been asked.

As Associate Professor and Director of Cancer Rehabilitation at the University of Pennsylvania, Dr. Cheville has direct and tangible experience with patient suffering. As a dedicated physician she has also invested valuable time to become a Certified Lymphedema Therapist so as to better understand the CDT delivery model.

With this uncompromising leadership the Norton School of Lymphatic Therapy has quickly risen to the top of the field and will continue to redefine the direction of lymphedema care.

We invite you to contact our office for more information or to explore the possibility of hosting either a Full CDT Certification Course or one of several Advanced Topics Courses.
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