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Techniques Review for CLTs Course

Course Description
This course presents a practical review of techniques considered essential to the skillful application of Complete Decongestive Therapy. During this two-day venue participants will complete each of the Manual Lymph Drainage lessons precisely as taught at the time of initial certification. Essential upper and lower extremity bandaging lessons will also be reviewed with time for lab practice and instructor assessment. Review of practical skills required for successful lymphedema management promote and improve therapist competency and clinical outcomes by reinforcing the quality and delivery of each technique for maximum therapeutic benefit. Conversely, techniques which have deviated from the core principles will not be supported by sound physiologic rationale or provide the desired effects, and in fact may prove counter-therapeutic. This course strives to reacquaint Certified Lymphedema Therapists with empirically supported rationale via expert instruction to improve clinical efficacy and maximize outcomes.

Upon completion of the course, the student will be able:
•  Identify lymphatic territories and watersheds that define the regional drainage of key lymph node groups
•  Describe the various hand positions and strokes with rationale for each in treatment
•  Demonstrate the correct orientation and manual application for each or the four Dr. Vodder hand techniques
•  Differentiate between therapeutic and non-therapeutic levels of pressure while appling MLD techniques and compression bandaging
•  Demonstrate a complete treatment sequence for secondary upper and lower extremity lymphedema utilizing appropriate lympho-lymphatic anastomosis
•  Demonstrate a comprehensive multilayered short stretch compression bandage application for the full arm and leg
•  Describe an appropriate course of therapy for various lymphedema patient types employing sequential MLD and compression
Classroom Environment and Format
This 2-day weekend course is a fully engaging opportunity to refresh techniques via practical instructor-led clinical instruction. As with the initial CDT certification participants should come prepared to both receive and delivery techniques in groups of two in order to promote an appreciation for the mechanics, tactile and kinesthetic elements of proper MLD and bandaging. Treatment plinths and drapes will be provided for full body access as in the clinic. Completion of a formal examination will not be required at completion of this course.
This live practical review course (16 hrs.) in combination with the online Recertification Course (32 hrs.) substantiate the Norton Schools’ comprehensive CLT Recertification program (48 hrs.). Particapants of both elements will earn a current CLT Recertification Certificate of Completion from the Norton School. Completion of both portions is elective and each can be applied towards LANA recertifcation individually.
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All instructors for this venue are senior Norton School faculty responsible for providing Complete Decongestive Therapy certification courses at venues around the United States on a regular basis.

This course is open to CLTs who have completed a 135-hour LANA-recognized lymphedema certification program. Verification of successful graduation from a LANA-recognized school (Certifcate of Completion) is required at the time of registration as well as proof of current professional licensure.

Class Times
A total of 16 hours of instruction is provided. Class hours are 8:00am–5:00pm, Saturday, Sunday.

Certificate/Continuing Education Credits (CEUs)
CEUs are available for Physical Therapists through the Florida Physical Therapy Association (FPTA), Occupational Therapists through the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) (AOTA CEUs/Contact Hours (16); AOTA Classification Codes: Category 2, Domain of OT), Licensed Massage Therapists through the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB). Contact hours count towards Norton School recertification and LANA recertification. For questions about receiving CEUs please call us toll-free at (866) 808-2249.

Tuition for the Techniques Review for CLTs course is $495.00

PLEASE NOTE: The CLT Recertification program is for Certified Lymphedema Therapists only. Registrants will need to complete the CLT Verification form on the next page before proceeding to course registration. Students completing the course will receive a CLT Recertification Certificate of Completion from the Norton School. Registrants must fax us the original Complete Decongestive Therapy Certificate in order to receive the new Recertification Certificate. Original CDT Certificates may be faxed to (866) 681-5349.

†Lymphology Association of North America®, LANA®, and CLT-LANA® are registered trademarks of the Lymphology Association of North America®. The Norton School of Lymphatic Therapy is not associated with the Lymphology Association of North America®. The Lymphology Association of North America® has approved the CLT Recertification course for the purposes of earning credits towards LANA Recertification.

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Please contact Norton School by email at or by phone at (866)808-2249 for registration.

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